Who You Are

When you are an integral part of the service you provide, the unfiltered approach to social media and online activity will help you connect with those you best serve.

I wrote a post recently about how to Maximize Your Online Presence, where I highlighted what I believe are the foundational elements needed to succeed online.  In this post, I want to delve more deeply into the Who You Are element mentioned in that post.

Express Yourself

My clients and I share something in common — our services are integrally related to who we are as people.  We don’t just sell  widgets; we provide a service that incorporates who we are as human beings.  Our gifts and skills are a part of the service we provide.

As such, sharing ourselves online and clearly communicating our core identities are foundational aspects of our online presence.


Brian Gardner, creator of many of the themes found on StudioPress and a deeply sensitive and gifted writer, recently started a new blog called Unfiltered.  He writes the following to introduce this new writing adventure:

Beneath every person online, is another person.

I believe the internet is an obfuscated lens which we hope to be seen through. It’s the staged version of us that we tragically spend most of our time creating.

I’m tired of living this way, and decided to do something about it. This site was created with one thing in mind. Being unfiltered.

Brian eloquently expresses something I too have sensed. Social media makes it easy for us to create an online facade in our desire to share only our highest points; heck, we can even white wash what isn’t so pretty and make it appear so.

I recommend a more unfiltered approach. Yes, share your gifts, your skills, your highest dreams and aspirations, but also share your challenges, your fears, and your weaknesses.

When you are an integral part of the service you provide, the unfiltered approach to social media and online activity will help you connect with those you best serve and broaden your client base. It may even bring a little bit of healing and light into the world!

A Yogic Perspective

I wrote a post a few years ago on my yoga website that talks about our self identity from a yogic perspective.  The post is titled Who Are You?  and it explores some of the fears that hold us back from being ourselves. I encourage you to read this post if you could use a little inspiration to simply be YOURSELF.

So, who are you?

Online and in person.  How do you engage in social media and online publishing in a way that stays true to your deepest core identity? Let me know in the comment section below.

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