What You Do

You provide specific services and products to specific types of people.

My husband loves tools! But not just any tools. Specific tools with model number and size. I know, because he sometimes has me buy these tools. He doesn’t just need a drill or a drill bit; it’s this drill bit, model number XXX.

Same goes for you. You provide specific services and products to specific types of people.

Take me for example. I design and develop websites. But not just any website. I work specifically with WordPress and the Genesis framework.  Not that I don’t use other applications when needed, but my preferred and recommended platform is WordPress and, more specific, WordPress sites built on the Genesis framework.

I also work with very specific types of people — small business owners and healing practitioners.

I am not a generic, catch all web designer.


And you are not generic either! Which means the more specific and clear you are about what you do, the more likely potential clients who need what you do will find you.

Be bold, honest, direct, and clear about what you do!

You are not just a therapist; you work with specific modalities and specific types of clients.

You are not just a writer; you write in a specific genre and capture a specific audience.

You are not just a healer; you have specific gifts that serve specific needs.


Be specific , direct and clear about what you do so those who need you will recognize you.

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Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

For the last 20 years, I have helped businesses like yours dramatically improve their business with my support, guidance, and comprehensive web design and marketing strategies.  I can help you too. 

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