SEO Optimization

SEO Audit

We take a hard look at your website with a critical eye towards search engine optimization. We know your site is built well and is designed for optimum performance. What we study are the words on the page and in the code. We evaluate your headings, content, code, url's, images and links to make sure they are working hard to rank the very best among your competition. In fact we study your competition to see what they're doing, how they do it, and how we can improve your site's performance based on that data.

Keyword Research

We begin by creating and researching words and phrases that people use to search and find your site. What words will they use? What questions will they ask of Google? We use that information to begin a comprehensive study of those phrases, look for synonyms, and google suggested phrases and begin building a deep and wide spreadsheet of phrases to layer the foundation of each page on your site for a successful launch. From there, analytics can be studied each month to see how search patterns have changed and then modified to match the live data. It's important to study the analytic data every month and modify and tweak the content of your site, the key phrases we're targeting, and using live data (real users phrases) to enhance as time goes on. Monthly services to monitor this traffic and data are additional, and a quote can be provided.

Performance Tests and Monitoring

We also will run performance tests on the site to see how Google and Bing rate your site's performance and speed, mobile behavior, crawl errors and broken code of any sort. The technical aspects include making sure you have a site map, are the correct pages mapped and unnecessary pages removed, and is there an available and properly coded robots.txt and .htaccess file.

Lastly, we set up your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools to provide proper performance evaluation and analytic data that can be monitored and tracked. If you plan to use Google Adwords at any time, we make sure this end of the equation is set up properly first making Google Adwords easier to setup later.

The keyword research we do initially will also be the same information used for Adwords, so it's a double return on investment overall.

We can implement the changes we suggest, or you can hire someone else. Our rates are for the audit only and set up of Google and Bing services. If you'd like a complete package, including partial or full implementation, do let us know. We can provide Yoast SEO setup and on-page changes of Yoast only, for a nominal fee.

What We Offer

Keyword Research and Mapping - overall site and per page

Site Audit for Key Phrase(s) Optimization
Title Tags
Incoming/Outgoing Links
Social - previews for Facebook and Twitter
Duplicate content

Set up Google Analytics
Set up Google Search Console
Set up Bing Webmaster Tools
Prep for Google Adwords

Performance and Technical Optimization Audit
Page Speed
Mobile optimization
Crawl Errors
Site maps
Robot.txt file
.htaccess file
301 redirects


After a complete site audit, we provide a thorough package so that you can give to whomever you choose to make the updates to your website. Or, If you've chosen a complete package, including partial or full implementation, we will make these updates to your site.

We highly recommend Yoast SEO Pro to be installed on the site before work begins. The pro version is $89 and well worth the small investment.


Complete Site Audit - $1500
Complete Site Audit with Yoast (keyphrases/snippets) - $1700

Partial or full implementation -- Price to be determined by your site specifics. Will provide quote upon request.

Monthly SEO analysis and keyword mapping - starts at $350