SEO Optimization

Intro Package

Keyword research and mapping for new or existing sites to optimize for search phrases and words your clients and customers use.

Established sites usually have Analytics history to begin the research of words and phrases people actually use. We begin our research with the existing data, expand on the words from there, add synonyms and competitive data to create deep trail of short and long tail keywords. Optimizing keywords in this manner assists the writer and developer in creating relevant content that doesn't look or sound canned or stuffed.

For new sites the keyword research will help in page content hierarchy, page titles, and content before the site goes live so you start off with an optimized site at launch. Data will need to be monitored after launch to fine tune the results, but is not part of this package.


We provide you with a spreadsheet of words and phrases that rank high in Googles data files as relevant and actively used. We will include some broad match terms, but will ensure they are specific to goals for the site.

For example, if your company sells and services water treatment systems for homes, we will not use the word 'water' as a search phrase. Your company doesn't sell 'water'. Nor does it sell 'water treatment'. These terms are too broad and will send traffic to your site you do not need or want and results in higher bounce rates.

The spreadsheet you receive will have notes as to where and how to use the words, their rank patterns in Google, and we then assess how the phrases and words should used on your website.


We implement using Yoast SEO (preferably the pro version). The pro version is $89 and well worth the small investment.


SEO Intro Package: $850

Want More?

An SEO Site Audit on an existing site evaluates your headings, content, code, url's, images and links to make sure they are working hard to rank the very best among your competition.