Monetizing the Intangible

Monetizing the Intangible


A free course to help energy healers and holistic practitioners monetize their gifts and build a thriving business.

Monetizing the Intangible

Why a free course on this?

I've been working with energy healers and holistic practitioners for over ten years now. And I've discovered they have a unique set of challenges when starting a business to share their services.

Becoming a doctor or a lawyer requires smarts, dedication, discipline and a good head. But doesn't necessarily require having an inborn, innate gift.

The people I work with are intelligent, educated, and skilled but beyond that — they were born with a healing gift, a profoundly sensitive soul — that is the foundation of their healing practices.

All the education and training in the world can't give a person this innate gift.

They were born with it.

And therein lies the problem — if it's a gift, how do I share my gifts and build a sustainable healing practice and business?

This course will teach you practical, grounded in experience, methods and practices that you can implement as you build your energy healing practice. And it will also provide a little energetic help and support to help you transform the things blocking your success.