Client Interviews

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Stones in a circle in the sand symbolizing the Akashic Records

Exploring the Akashic Records

Did you know there is an ever evolving record that contains all the energetic experiences of every soul?

Dancer expressing freedom found in energy healing work

Journey to Energy Healing Work: An Inside Look

From dancer and choreographer, Pilates instructor, and licensed Massage Therapist to an energy healing practitioner.

Healing from Chronic Illness - Woman in desert with hands raised toward the sun

Healing from Chronic Illness

Ellen Donaldson shares her holistic, multifaceted, approach to healing from chronic illness.

Lake with mountains in the background, a visual of breaking through our blocks around creating content.

Use Tapping to Clear the Fear Around Creating Content

Deborah leads us through some tapping to help us move through our fears and insecurities when creating content.

A colorful picture showing human energy and aura

How to Build a Successful Energy Healing Practice

A candid conversation with Jill Leigh around how to build a successful energy healing practice.