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SEO Services

New SEO Services and Premium Hosting

After a long period of research and planning, Pixel Happy Studio now provides SEO services and premium hosting.

Build your list the right way - Thrive Leads

Build Your List the Right Way with Thrive Leads

Building an email list is probably one of the smartest things you can do, and you need the right tools (plugins) to do it right.

Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats

Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats

I wrote a post recently about our CUSTOM PLUGINS FOR PAID MEMBERSHIP PRO and today I focus specifically on our Paid Membership Pro Sponsored Seats plugin.

Make Your Customers Happy with WooCommerce

Make Happy Customers with WooCommerce

You want happy, returning customers who love you, so here are eight ways to help you make happy customers with WooCommerce.


Giftable WooCommerce

Giftable for WooCommerce allows you to offer free gifts to your customers based on any number of easy to set up conditions.


Paid Membership Pro Custom Plugins

A recap of some of work we’ve done recently that extends and enhances Paid Membership Pro.

Swimmer Competing

Membership Site PreDiscovery

There is no “best” membership plugin. It all depends on specifically what you need for your membership site.

Questions for membership site

So You Want a Membership Site?

Are you sure you know exactly what a membership site is (and what it isn’t)? If not, keep reading.

Building membership site

WordPress Membership Plugins

Building a membership site is challenging and to do it right requires extensive research and discovery.


Find that Perfect Picture!

It’s true really, a picture is worth a thousand words, at least when it is the right picture!  

PIxel Happy Studio Improve Your SEO

Easy way to improve your SEO and Site Accessibility

An easy way to improve SEO and Accessibility on your site

Business intelligence using modern technology

Analytics Got You Down?

Clicky Analytics, a Google Analytics alternative.