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Healing from Chronic Illness - Woman in desert with hands raised toward the sun

Healing from Chronic Illness

Ellen Donaldson shares her holistic, multifaceted, approach to healing from chronic illness.

Lake with mountains in the background, a visual of breaking through our blocks around creating content.

Use Tapping to Clear the Fear Around Creating Content

Deborah leads us through some tapping to help us move through our fears and insecurities when creating content.

A colorful picture showing human energy and aura

How to Build a Successful Energy Healing Practice

A candid conversation with Jill Leigh around how to build a successful energy healing practice.

Social Media People on devises

The Surprise of Social Media

Lessons learned from my ten-year social media journey.

Grow Your Online Business stats

Grow Your Online Business

A synergic approach to growing your online business.


Happy the Cat Teaches us Happiness

Thank you, Happy the Cat, for inspiring me to find happiness no matter the outer circumstances.

Women holding flowers demonstrating how to heal the holistic way

Heal the Holistic Way

Several of my clients are holistic healing practitioners who have dedicated their lives to helping others heal. This post is dedicated to them.

Street traffic in India representing the overwhelm we can experience in social media

How to Navigate Social Media

Focus. It’s critical in all areas of learning and development and it’s even more critical with the advent of social media.

Phone showing Google search results and custom meta description

Meta Description and WordPress Custom Excerpt

WordPress custom excerpts, Google’s meta description, and Yoast SEO. A brief screencast demonstrating how they relate to each other.

Laptop displaying SEO Search engine results

Search Engine Optimization and How It Works

A broad overview of Google updates and how these updates impact search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Services

New SEO Services and Premium Hosting

After a long period of research and planning, Pixel Happy Studio now provides SEO services and premium hosting.

Build your list the right way - Thrive Leads

Build Your List the Right Way with Thrive Leads

Building an email list is probably one of the smartest things you can do, and you need the right tools (plugins) to do it right.

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